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"Native Plants of Maine" ceramic tea kettle

  • Inspired by native plants of Maine and the traditional Japanese aesthetic of Wabi-sabi, or the notion and acceptance of imperfection, this hand-built and hand-carved ceramic kettle is perfect for serving teas of all kinds while simultaneously being decor for your kitchen. Featured in the hand-carved design is the hobblebush, a native perennial shrub which grows bright red berries and white blossoms.

    Approx. 4.5" in height and 5" diameter at widest point. Finished with cone-06 glaze, giving it a semi-matte surface. Shipped in protective materials to prevent breaking.

    *Please note: Only intended for pouring hot water over tea or serving hot tea. Do not boil water directly in kettle or place kettle over stove burner or flame!

    *All ceramic works come with one free artist logo sticker.