Artist Statement:

     I grew up in a small town in Maine with a seemingly infinite forest of pine, hemlock and deciduous trees in my backyard. I've always had a love for the natural characteristics and locations found throughout my home state, particularly those that are often unseen for what they offer; the little-known, unsung hiking trails and nature preserves, the architecture of small towns, or the trees we're surrounded by but often take for granted. I like to imagine that landscapes and structures (both human-made and nature-made) each have their own sense of life, character and personality. The paintings I create are a representation of how I approach and experience these places: with a sense of empathy, curiosity and appreciation. My intention is to capture this experience and illustrate the sense of value and fascination I hold towards this space I call home.

Mount Katahdin via Hamlin Ridge Trail, late Summer 2019

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Artist Bio:

     Kaylin Cook is a visual artist based out of southern Maine who specializes in oil and acrylic paintings. Her primary focus is on the natural landscape she grew up in. Kaylin studied Studio Art, Recreation Leadership and Art Education at the University of Southern Maine, where she received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio Art. She has shown work at Creative Portland, The Harlow, Deertrees Theatre, the Juried Student Exhibition at USM and the 2019 BFA/BA Exhibition at USM.

"All the Great Trees" Creative Portland Juried Exhibition, Fall 2019

Patio table painting at Rí Rá Portland, Spring 2019

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