I'm a visual artist based out of the southern Maine area. I specialize in oil and acrylic landscape paintings. I'm primarily interested in working with earth tones within a limited color palette. When I'm not painting, I'm a lead teacher at a local preschool. When I'm not teaching, my husband and I are usually hanging with family, eating pizza, or trying our hands at home renovations (and we're not half bad, if I do say so the 'eating pizza' part, I mean.)

     I studied art, recreation leadership, and art education at the University of Southern Maine in Portland and Gorham, where I received my Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio Art. I've shown work at Creative Portland, The Harlow, Deertrees Theatre, and USM. I also grew up right here in Maine, and I feel quite fortunate to call this place home (although, check back in February following a decent snow storm and I might not have the same sentiments.) 

     I like to imagine that natural landscapes and structures each have their own sense of life, character, and personality. The paintings I create represent how I approach and experience these environments: with a sense of empathy, familiarity, and appreciation.




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